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  • Speed and Flexibility to Scale
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Perfect Talent Match to Support your team

LATG leverages over twenty years of developing, delivering, and operating IT capabilities to infuse the right skills into your environment. Today, our customers gain rapid access to missing capabilities and skills to fill or expand a talent gap and get the job done right.

We currently supply top solution providers to  organizations from a wide variety of industries covering the Federal government (DoD & CIV), state and local governments, education institutions, and enterprise corporate entities.

We provide the speed, professional acumen, and flexibility your team needs to scale quickly and complete projects on time.

LATG’s Staff Augmentation services are a proven, reliable, and cost-effective way for you to increase the size and productivity of your project in minimal time. Comprised of IT Professionals that integrate with your current workflow, our dedicated solution providers are the best option to rapidly build a highly qualified, creative, and experienced team.

Staffing Organizational Structure

  • Staffing Managers

Leads the staffing process by approving the staffing request, oversees day-to-day operations, works with customers to accurately support their needs, and ensures the team meets hiring targets.

  • Hiring Leads 

Perform candidate screening and selection for candidates. They conduct technical evaluations, interviews, reference checks, initiate background checks, and submit the candidates to the customer for approval.

  • Recruiters 

Perform job sourcing and recruitment. They post the job descriptions, contact potential candidates, assess applications and resumes, schedule interviews with Hiring Leads.

Creating value for your organization is paramount to our partnership, therefore we leverage proven methodologies to ensure the best possible outcome for your business.

Staffing Methodology

LATG’s has built a staffing methodology to effectively manage our staffing needs. It encompasses a well-documented repeatable processes, techniques, and tools to identify, attract, select, and retain the right individuals for specific positions. Our methodology includes the following 3 components:

1- Position Definition and Staffing Analysis

We review the initial staffing request, analyze the job description, determine the possibility for successful staffing, and assign it to a specialized team.

2- Sourcing and Recruitment

After receiving the customer’s request for staffing, we review Job Description and verify all required information, generate unique job posting, and search using multiple internal databases, reaching out to partners, and other posting venues.

3- Candidate Screening and Selection

This step involves interviews, reviewing qualifications, work experience, skills, technical certifications, background check, and other relevant criteria before customer's assessment and approval.


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