About Us

LATG is a consulting company that provides advanced information technology-based services, solutions and products to a diverse spectrum of government and commercial clients. Incorporated in 1999, LATG is a small business, women-owned, company with a commitment to providing its clients the technical expertise necessary to gain and maintain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. This is accomplished through a dedicated staff of high caliber technology professionals.

What Differentiates Us ?

Since 1999, LATG has made it a priority to offer the highest caliber of customer service and technical expertise to clients. We help government (state, local, education and federal) and commercial clients improve their computing environment and make technology work for them. We stand above the rest because we have:

  • Deep-rooted belief in Quality, Integrity and Commitment to serving the client
  • Highly Qualified and Certified employees
  • Certified Partnership with the Leading Technology Manufacturers
  • Direct access to the latest technology Training and Products
  • Engineering Solutions that are proven to work
  • Recruiting process that eliminates risky employees

It is LATG’s customer care approach and technical expertise along with our readiness to listen and respond to clients quickly that differentiates us from others.


Our Mission 

LATG will recognize and serve the information technology needs of our clients with passion and integrity. We leverage our extensive experience to provide tangible business solutions that exceed client expectations and build a long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

We Will Earn Your Trust

Our customers trust us to deliver on our promises and have come to count on LATG to outperform their expectations. We don’t take that confidence lightly. We worked hard to earn their confidence and we will work hard to earn yours.