LATG Celebrates 25 Years of Building IT Success with People and Planning then, now, and every season! 

LATG is a proud Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) since 1999.

Based in New Orleans, LA, we are devoted to providing advanced Information Technology that aligns with our clients' budget and business goals.

We excel in offering Managed IT and Cybersecurity (MSSP) services as well as enterprise-level solutions that seamlessly integrate with our clients' existing local, hybrid, or cloud environments. Partnering with major manufacturers allows us to customize options to uniquely fit each client’s needs.

Central to LATG is a strong commitment to outstanding support, making sure our clients feel valued and well-assisted at every step of the implementation process and beyond.

About Us


At LATG, our mission is simple: deliver smart and strategic technology solutions designed to boost organizational efficiency and tech consumption.

We are actively involved in a range of projects, from national security to enterprise data center modernization, always aiming to innovate. We offer 24/7 Managed IT and Cybersecurity services, highlighting our dedication to providing unmatched tech support and solutions.

Our constant effort is to offer superior IT solutions and products, showcasing our commitment to excellence and improving our clients’ tech experiences.

We accomplish our mission by leveraging extensive, enterprise-critical IT experience spanning decades, positioning us to address the most daunting challenges encountered by organizations in both the public and private sectors across diverse industries. Trusted by government agencies, municipalities, educational systems, and corporations alike, we stand as a reliable pillar of technological guidance and support.

Our team, composed of seasoned, certified, and specialized technology experts, remains unwaveringly dedicated to guiding clients through the dynamic and swiftly evolving landscape of IT with precision and foresight. We are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges faced by each organization, ensuring they thrive in the contemporary technological environment.

WOSB Certified
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Our Research and Development services were developed with support from
Louisiana Economic Development’s Office of Entertainment Industry Development.

Our Core Values

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Always deliver on proposals and promises by doing the right thing in a reliable way.

A focus on integrity leads us into building a reputation for trustworthiness, reliability, and honoring contracts and agreements.

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Technology is complicated enough, and we want to understand your challenges with full context.

With compassion, we can better connect with our clients on a personal level, which in turn improves communication and increases respect and productivity.

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Valuing each person and approaching them with respect, humility, and a desire to help.

Family values are the source of our success and commitment. They bring power to our company, helping to assure cohesion, address conflicts and strengthen resolve.

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Always deliver superior results with a positive professional attitude and demeanor.

Collaborative problem-solving leads us to increase productivity, improves engagement, reduces turnover, and results in better customer satisfaction.

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Consistently invest in the latest research, training, and product learning.

Knowledge is the driving force behind our innovation. It fosters our new ideas, products, and processes that keep our business competitive and play a crucial role in strategic decision-making.



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