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Right Skills, Right Solutions, & Painless Digital Transformation!

Not all organizations have the IT resources and skillsets needed to implement the proper technology or solution. Let our professional experts step in to assess your technology projects and provide you with improved resource allocation. We provide the maximum value for your IT spend through our flexible and pragmatic approach.

Creating  value for your organization is paramount to our partnership, therefore we leverage proven methodologies to ensure the best possible outcome for your business.

LATG is widely known for employing the very best and brightest solutions architects, engineers and project managers in the industry. We hold advanced specializations and have successfully delivered a vast array of solutions to organizations of all sizes, and from a wide variety of industries covering the federal government (Department of Defense, Civilian and Intelligence agencies), state and local governments, education institutions and enterprise corporate entities.

Professional Services

VMware Migrations and Optimization

We work with you to identify the right environment (In House or Cloud) and offer a straightforward and automated approach to provide you with a fine-tuned virtual environment that supports your computing requirements.

Exchange Migration

We have the expertise who will work with you and migrate your data to Office 365 using a fail-proof plan with zero data loss.

IoT Solutions

LATG’s IoT consultants will help you make the best of new technological opportunities and set them in tune with your business strategy. We work with you to plan an IoT solution in line with business your objectives, design an IoT architecture, choose an appropriate secure technology stack and implement a solution that could be integrated within your existing environment.

Network Assessment

Let LATG provide you with a precise view of your network architecture that includes a comprehensive analysis of its efficiency, capacity, security, maintenance requirements, and how to safely expand.

Security Assessment and Penetration Testing

Our security engineers will execute a Cyber Security Assessment (in Cloud or on Prem). We leverage the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) and the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) as a foundation for our assessment methodology, which simulates real-world attacks to provide a point-in-time assessment of vulnerabilities and threats to your network infrastructure.  Through a discussion with your team and an analysis we will compare your environment against security and compliance standards. LATG will provide a Security Assessment report that shows a prioritized list of security risks along with a remediation roadmap to take action to make your cloud more secure.

Zero Trust Access

Every time a device or user is automatically trusted, it places an organization’s data, applications, and intellectual property at risk. CISOs need to shift the fundamental paradigm of an open network built around inherent trust to a zero-trust model. This zero-trust strategy needs to incorporate rigorous access controls that span the distributed network so devices, users, endpoint, cloud, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and the infrastructure are all protected.

LATG will help you identify and implement the proper framework that uses tightly integrated collection of security solutions to help your organization identify and classify all users and devices that seek network and application access.

Network Security Monitoring and Awareness

While network monitoring provides data collection for analysis of basic traffic flows, the overall structure and integrity of your systems, network security monitoring protects you from the numerous potential vulnerabilities and exploits in the wild.

LATG works with your team to implement a process that Collects the complete infrastructure picture with broad visibility, unlimited event data, and on-demand access to retained logs​. We will identify and Focus on what’s important with broad correlation that creates tangible risk quantifications and actionable threat intelligence and finally Analyze and Detect advanced threats with machine learning and detection engines that reduce alert fatigue.

Managed security services

This is a Managed Risk to address the most critical cybersecurity challenges. LATG provides the services to confront Undetected Risks since most vulnerability scanners miss digital risks that are anything other than software defects, like system misconfigurations and corporate credential exposure.

We can eliminate Too Many Alerts and the sheer volume of vulnerabilities, both detected and exploited. IT and security teams are becoming overwhelmed with too many alerts and not enough context.

We can also provide Broader Asset Visibility since if you can’t see it, you can’t protect it. Yet, most organizations are unable to accurately chronicle assets in their environment. This leads to gaps in posture that leave the door open to attackers.

Firewall Migration

Our process starts by identifying the right products for your environment, analyzing and cleaning up existing firewall rules, developing a migration and a test plan, performing the migration and setting up training and maintenance.

Let’s work together to find the right technology solution for your organization.

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