If we can inspire people to become compassionate professionals, achieve lasting relationships with colleagues and clients, and positively impact the business world, we will have achieved our vision for how technology can improve lives.

-Tony Romanos

Our Leadership Team

  • Andrea Romanos

    Andrea is a skilled and thorough executive, demonstrating an ability to grasp strategic complexities and bringing a substantial background in business operations and growth. As a result-driven, resolute leader with a history of successful accomplishments, she has been at the helm of LATG Inc. as CEO since 2006, expanding the company’s influence through calculated marketing, durable relationship cultivation, and staunch integrity.

    To establish and maintain relationships, Andrea ensures LATG fosters transparency and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. Andrea strongly believes continuous learning is vital to understanding client needs, recommending effective solutions, and designing technology architecture that is within given budgets. This requires a significant commitment to provide the LATG team with opportunities for professional growth to ensure they continue to deliver exceptional leading-edge technology solutions and the ultimate customer service experience.

    In her capacity, Andrea oversees the entirety of LATG’s operations and strategic direction, taking full accountability for factors related to profit. Her responsibilities encompass the supervision of the company’s administrative functions and the management of sales revenue, thereby ensuring the seamless functioning of all crucial sectors.

  • Tony Romanos

    Tony Romanos, one of the pioneers behind Louisiana Technology Group, Inc., established in 1999, has been integral in charting its corporate direction and motivating the LATG Team. As an IT expert armed with a BS degree in Computer Science and three decades of industry experience, he is driven by the goal of attaining business targets for his clients and his firm alike. Under his stewardship, LATG has been witnessing consistent growth annually, expanding its client repertoire from the Department of Defense to diverse entities spanning federal, state, and local governments, institutions of higher learning, and major corporate establishments.

    Tony strongly believes in supporting IT professional development and career growth in the New Orleans area. To increase local community awareness, knowledge of the IT profession, and the value and opportunities it provides, Tony currently member of:

    1- The University of New Orleans’ (UNO) External Advisory Board for the Computer Science department

    2- The Board Of Advisors for Tulane University School of Professional Advancement Computer Science department

    3- The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) of Louisiana

    4- Business Council of New Orleans and the River Region (BCNO)

    5- Jefferson Chamber of Commerce

    6- New Orleans Chamber of Commerce

    7- Charleston Defense Contractors Association – CDCA

    8- The Society of Industrial Security Professionals – NCMS

    9- Gulf Coast Industrial Security Awareness Council – GC-ISAC

    10- Facility Security Officer – FSO

  • Jill Spragio

    Hailing from Louisiana and an alumnus of LSU, Jill oversees the financial operations of the company, which encompass accounting, auditing, payroll, and corporate finance, alongside managing human resources. She brings to the table over a quarter of a century’s worth of diverse expertise in fiscal management, business leadership, and the formation of corporate strategies. Jill supervises the firm’s day-to-day internal operations, firmly devoted to upholding processes that ensure transparency, value, and quality. Her mission is to deliver accurate, insightful, and timely data that fosters informed decision-making.

    Jill is unwavering in her commitment to conducting business in a manner that promotes an atmosphere of fairness, respect, honesty, and trust amongst employees, management, suppliers, contractors, and customers.

  • Edward Cheron

    Edward Cheron has 30 years of experience successfully delivering enterprise-level IT services and solutions to government and commercial customers and leads LATG’s IT Service Delivery Division. Equipped with extensive real-world experience, a comprehensive understanding of government contract vehicles, a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, a Master’s in Business Administration from Tulane, and PMP certification, Edward is focused on helping clients achieve success through technology integration and human capital management. He thrives on the challenges of applying technology, using systems engineering principles, and project management best practices to solve real-world problems and deliver capabilities to meet current and future mission objectives.

    Edward is dedicated on helping local companies to establish relationships and grow with the Department of Defense’ Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic.

    He has been selected to server on the Charleston Defense Contractors Association’s (CDCA) Contracts Industry Council (CIC). He is representing the interests of New Orleans based companies who provide technical support to the US Navy, Marine Corps and other DoD organizations through contracts issued and managed by Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic. He is also and serving as coordinator for local visits by NIWC Atlantic senior leadership and technical staff.

  • Cathy Hoffman

    Originating from New Orleans and an alumnus of UNO, Cathy helms the sales operations at LATG, overseeing a broad range of functions from contract management, marketing, and lead generation to customer service and vendor relations. With an impressive career that spans over 25 years, she brings a wealth of sales experience from her time at renowned firms such as BellSouth/AT&T and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

    Cathy’s management style is nurturing and supportive, honing the strengths of her team members to achieve collective goals, while putting emphasis on enhancing talent retention through the promotion of open dialogue and exchange of ideas. Her zeal lies in providing LATG’s clientele with innovative tech solutions to drive their business objectives. Cathy continually finds inspiration in the team’s unwavering loyalty, commitment to excellence, and their ongoing dedication towards growth

  • Frances Popich

    Frances has utilized her 17 years of exceptional experience in customer relationship management to spearhead the Marketing and Partners Liaison role at LATG. A New Orleans native, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Orleans. Her primary objective is to ensure that the LATG enterprise and its team receive optimal support and that customer satisfaction is upheld throughout every process.

    Frances flourishes when faced with new challenges. Reflecting on the unique advantages of her role, she states, “One of the greatest rewards of my job is the outstanding relationships I’ve cultivated with many of New Orleans’ top-tier restaurants. It’s truly priceless!”

Our Values

  • Reliability

    Count on LATG to always deliver on proposals and promises. We own our process and follow through on tasks you trust us to handle. We are there when you need our expertise.

  • Empathy

    In a world where everyone talks at you, we prefer to actively listen. Technology is complicated enough, and we want to understand your challenges and needs with full context.

  • Family

    We treat our clients the way we treat our own family. By valuing each person and approaching them with respect, humility, and a desire to help. We address concerns directly and endeavor to reach our clients’ goals.

  • Performance

    We promise to always deliver superior results with a positive professional attitude and demeanor. We are focused on excellence in our execution through continuous improvement.

  • Bold Knowledge

    We consistently invest in the latest research, training, and product learning to remain on the cutting-edge of IT system design and implementable solutions. Our desire to innovate from within drives our passion for technology and motivates us to deliver exceptional products and services to meet our clients’ needs.

Let’s work together to find the right technology solution for your organization.

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