Celebrating Phil Brammer!

Today we celebrate Phil Brammer, Senior Engineer/Data Warehouse Architect.

Phil has been with LATG for 22+ years! He currently serves on a Navy contract as a data developer modeling, organizing, and storing data.

Phil loves to solve data problems creatively. He believes that solving these data problems is the perfect combination of art and science.

What sets Phil apart? For one, he’s been working in software development for 38 years. Since he’s been working in this environment for so long, he knows a plethora of programming languages. He also finds himself building new systems instead of managing existing systems.

Phil says, “It is refreshing to work at LATG! They are attentive and quick to respond to my needs and concerns. LATG has always worked hard to ensure the availability of contract work year over year.”

When Phil is not working, you will find him cycling, working in his vegetable garden, or occasionally dining at Commander’s Palace. He also loves camping with the Boy Scouts. He remains a big supporter of the Boy Scouts, even though his son is now grown.

Join us in celebrating LATG Super Hero Phil Brammer!

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