LATG has the privilege to be awarded the right to offer the WSCA contract to sell to the state of Louisiana, products such as Hewlett Packard (HP), Aruba, Oracle and EMC hardware.

Any Louisiana State Agency including all state departments, affiliate divisions, schools, colleges, parishes, cities and hospitals can directly purchase products from LATG using WSCA without the need for the bidding process.

Please contact our office (504-304-2505 ) or any of our sales executives listed below for help

Click on the links below to access NASPO ValuePoint information for the following products:

WSCA – Louisiana – EMC

WSCA/NASPO’s stated objective for this contract is to establish a permissive Master Price Agreement with EMC.

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WSCA – Louisiana – HP

LATG’s Partner Location IDs are:
10276490 – for Personal Computing and Printing Products
10195026 – for Enterprise products (Storage, Servers, Networking including Aruba)

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WSCA – Louisiana – Sun Microsystems / Oracle

All Louisiana State and local government entities, institutions of higher education, and school districts within the State of Louisiana are authorized to purchase SUN Microsystems / Oracle products and services under the terms and conditions of the Western State Contracting Alliance (WSCA) Master Price Agreement with Sun Microsystems, Inc. and this Participating Addendum.

Products include all Sun Microsystems / Oracle workstations, servers, software, storage systems, hardware upgrades and hardware accessories. The contract also includes installation, warranty and maintenance services

Additionally LATG has been awarded an NCPA Contract as well as an MHEC Contract for the State of Texas.

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Please note that all Purchase Orders need to be made out to LATG

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