Disaster Recovery

  • LATG has experienced personnel capable to review and/or develop disaster recovery contingency plans and risk assessments;
  • LATG will recommend ways to increase the effectiveness of the plans and the continuity of service;
  • LATG has the capability to incorporate disaster recovery and continuity of operations plans as an attachment of the system security plan;

A team of LATG analysts can perform quantitative risk analyses of large sensitive systems, generally including the risk analysis package as an attachment to the system security plan.Such support includes, but is not limited to, the capability to:

  • Identify and value computer/communications network assets;
  • Identify potential threats to those assets and system vulnerability;
  • Assess adequacy of existing management, operational, and technical controls in safeguarding assets against waste, loss, unauthorized access and use, and misappropriation;
  • Analyze the consequences/impact of the potential threats resulting in recommendations of safeguards.
LATG’s commitment to Disaster Recovery Contingency Planning and Risk Assessment differentiates us from other vendors. We have proven Past Performance plans that were executed successfully in a real time of disaster. We work daily with our customers to implement plans according to their size, resources and requirements.