Database Support

LATG is perfect for companies that require advanced database expertise on an occasional basis. Our database professionals bring years of expertise to a wide variety of database projects.

LATG provides the following database services:

Backup and Recovery

Databases require consistent backups in order to successfully recover from a system failure. In recognizing these backup and recovery requirements, we can help you plan for the highest levels of database recovery against system failure, data corruption and human error.

Data Migration

LATG works with you to configure and migrate data from one database platform to another or migrate a database from one server to another. We have experiences in data mapping, data conversion and data loading to bring your database up to speed efficiently.


LATG can configure a data replication solution to fit your needs. Our DBAs have implemented the whole range of data replication solutions including Oracle CDC, Streams, MLOGS and Microsoft snapshot, transactional and merge.

High Availability

In recognizing the high availability challenges our customers face, we can help you plan for the highest levels of fault tolerance against all forms of unplanned downtime, including system faults, data corruption, human error and disaster. LATG DBAs can install and configure a high availability solution to fit your needs. We have implemented a whole range of high availability solutions including Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Fail Safe, Oracle Standby Database (Data Guard), Microsoft Standby Server and more.

Performance Tuning

LATG’s DBAs can analyze and optimize performance of your database to meet your specific needs. We have years of experience increasing performance and instance efficiency to achieve our customers performance goals.


LATG can work with you to complete an efficient, successful and organized installation or upgrade of your database. We can help you plan the installation, determine the appropriate system resources required for optimal performance, follow best practices, and configure the software.

Let the experts at LATG guide you to the solution that’s right for you. We provide expert services, flexible options, and support throughout the life of your database investment.