WSCA – Louisiana – Sun Microsystems / Oracle

All Louisiana State and local government entities, institutions of higher education, and school districts within the State of Louisiana are authorized to purchase SUN Microsystems / Oracle products and services under the terms and conditions of the Western State Contracting Alliance (WSCA) Master Price Agreement with Sun Microsystems, Inc. and this Participating Addendum.

Products include all Sun Microsystems / Oracle workstations, servers, software, storage systems, hardware upgrades and hardware accessories. The contract also includes installation, warranty and maintenance services

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Please note that all Purchase Orders need to be made out to LATG

WSCA Contract #

WSCA Addendum Reference Number for the State of Louisiana
All Oracle/Sun workstations, servers, software, storage systems, hardware upgrades, hardware accessories, installation, warranty services
WSCA Exclusions

The following are excluded from purchase under this contract:
– Operating Systems, except pre-loaded on the equipment to be purchased and allowed only at the time of purchase of the equipment. – Local Area Networks – Advanced Customer Service (formerly Professional Services) – Trade Ins – Travel – Take0back Program – Lease Agreements


For those entities for which this is applicable, software, software maintenance, and hardware maintenance orders must be procured in accordance with R.S.39.199 and LAC Title 34, Part 1, Chapter 55

Processing Fee
Maximum Line Item amount
$25,000 per line item
Maximum Total Order amount
$250,000 per total order.
Minimum Order

No Trade-ins allowed and No Rentals or Leases Allowed

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Call Hours
8 AM to 5 PM CST Monday to Friday
Purchase Order mailing address
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