New Employee – Kristen Morales – Cyber Security Officer

LATG is excited to welcome Cyber Security Officer, Kristen Morales, to the LATG Team. Kristen knows what it takes to uncover deficiencies, plan for unknown threats, and strengthen the overall security and compliance of the organizations she supports. She has served in (private /public sector) government, business, banking sectors to detect fraud, waste, and abuse.

Her leadership experiences in cybersecurity include:

• Developing strong systems of authentication and cost-saving IT solutions that increase capabilities and contribute to increased productivity.
• Enhancing information technology systems and processes by analyzing the integrity, confidentiality, reliability, and availability of IT information and resources to maintain effective internal controls and reduce damaging technology risks.
• Outlining IT plans for organizations to continue to operate in the event of a disaster, pandemic, or lockdown.
• Developing strict chain-of-custody protocols to follow for every stage of the data collection process and digital investigations.
• Analyzing and identifying the human risks to organizations and providing customized security awareness training.

Kristen is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) and a Certified Inspector General Investigator (CIGI). Her expertise will enable us to better serve the cybersecurity needs of our customers.

Kristen brings experience, professionalism, and integrity to a growing LATG cybersecurity team.

Let’s work together to find the right technology solution for your organization.

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