LATG at Stennis Day in the Bay!

Exciting News! LATG proudly participated in the inaugural Stennis Day in the Bay, a landmark event showcasing NASA, various resident agencies, academia, and industry partners at Stennis Space Center.

🌌 At the heart of this is NASA’s Stennis Space Center, a hub for all NASA propulsion test capabilities. They’re currently testing the RS-25 engines, pivotal for the SLS rocket’s Artemis missions to the Moon and future Mars expeditions.

A unique moment: we joined in planting a tree germinated on the International Space Station – a literal extraterrestrial addition to our Earth!

πŸŽ‰ A special moment was celebrating Fred Haise’s 90th birthday. As an Apollo 13 astronaut and Biloxi native, he’s a true national treasure.

Edward Cheron, Director of Federal Services, and Gail Fair, Contract Specialist, represented LATG at the event.


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