Four Must-Know Cyber Tips

Here are Four Must-Know Cyber Tips for Your Business from the Inside Out Security Blog of our partner, Varonis. | a 3-minute read.

After a big data breach, it’s natural to look for a “Catch me if you Can” type story about how an attacker used cunning to trick their victim into “letting them in.”

We imagine the attacker calling the victim with a convincing cover story like, “This is Bill from IT, and I work with Janet— you know Janet? Well… I’m sorry you’re getting all those notifications on your phone at 3 a.m. If you give me that pin code, I’ll get it sorted for you.”

While this scene might make it into a movie, the real story behind today’s breaches is never about an isolated bad decision — it’s about the many decisions made long before a sleepy network administrator gets a call from an attacker.

In this article, you’ll see the four steps companies can take to become more resilient to any attack or lapse so that one moment of human weakness to lead to catastrophe.

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