Tony Romanos selected for UNO’s External Advisory Board

LATG is proud to announce that Tony Romanos has been selected to serve on the University of New Orleans’ (UNO) External Advisory Board.

Tony is honored to be on the inaugural board supporting UNO’s computer science department. He promised to give the time and the resources needed to provide value to the department and to the students to thrive in New Orleans.

About the UNO’s External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board is made up of IT professionals, leaders, & researchers with extensive experience across numerous commercial industries and government agencies ranging in various scales from local, regional, federal, and international levels. Each advisory member brings a unique perspective of the challenges that companies and agencies face in today’s economy and how the UNO Computer Science Department can partner with them to meet those challenges that students and graduates may face today and tomorrow.

The mission of the External Advisory Board is to provide guidance, advice and support to assist the achievement of the goals and objectives of the Computer Science Department at the University of New Orleans.


The External Advisory Board is a group of volunteer leaders dedicated to:

  • Serving as an external industry voice to the UNO Computer Science Department.
  • Enhancing UNO Computer Science Department’s relevance and value proposition to the greater IT community at large.
  • Increasing local community awareness and knowledge of the IT profession and the value and opportunities it provides.
  • Increasing the UNO student engagement of IT-related activities.
  • Supporting the professional development and career growth of UNO Computer Science students.


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