LATG clients rely on our knowledge and technical expertise to keep their organizations functioning efficiently.  Information Technology is a dynamic industry that moves at the speed of innovation, and having the right IT systems and infrastructure in place determines whether or not your organization remains competitive.

Because we have extensive experience working with Federal Agencies such as the Department of Defense, we are able to apply carefully developed processes and techniques to a broad range of public and private clients.


Strong organizational technology leadership

To provide this strong organizational technology leadership, we research cutting-edge solutions and industry trends, partner with leading technology product manufacturers, and investigate the latest product innovation to design IT frameworks and mission-critical systems clients need to get business done. Because our clients rely on us to keep them in the game, we lean heavily on our own industry experts for their knowledge and advice to fully understand and adapt to the rapidly changing tech industry.


Our advanced approach to providing solutions and infrastructure for your mission critical enterprise is a team effort and is built upon:

  • Cyber Security Updates and Training in Cyber Security best practices
  • Conducting continuous Leadership and Crisis Management Training
  • Building Centers of Excellence
  • Using In-House Research Environments
  • Telecommuting/Remote Working best practices - Protocols and Security
  • Employing Container-based (Kubernetes) design, development and deployment strategies
  • Establishing well-defined Product Integration and Lifecycle Management processes

Whether government or commercial, you need a technology partner with the scope and depth of knowledge, experience, resources, human capital, products, and follow up to keep your organization on the leading edge of modern technology. LATG is a resource-heavy fully-capable design and implementation team ready to keep your organization’s IT systems and infrastru secure, agile, scalable, flexible and available. Let us start a conversation to maximize your organization’s capabilities.

Let’s work together to find the right technology solution for your organization.

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