LATG offers a comprehensive benefits package for all full-time employees. Here is a quick summary of our outstanding benefits:


Health: Medical insurance is offered to employees on the first day of the month following the first day of employment. We offer the Humana group plan to our employees. This plan offers preventive and wellness benefits as well as affordable co-pays for office visits, urgent care, emergency room and prescription drug coverage plus additional discount packages for vision and hearing. LATG contributes up to $275 a month toward the employee premium cost.

Short Term / Long Term Disability: LATG pays 100% of the short and long term disability premiums for all eligible employees. After meeting the elimination period, the benefit pays a percentage of the employee’s weekly base salary according to the plans schedule.

Life Insurance: LATG pays 100% of the life insurance premium to provide all eligible employees with a $50,000 life/accidental death policy.

Balance Between Work and Personal Life

Paid Time Off (PTO): LATG employees are eligible to receive 25 days of PTO per full calendar year. PTO is collected 2 days per month to be used at the discretion of the employee for Official Holidays, Vacation Time, Bereavement, Birthday, Me Time Off or Sick days.

Planning for the Future

401(k) Saving Plan: To help our eligible employees achieve their financial goals, LATG provides a 401(k) Saving Plan. This is a self-directed plan that allows employees to choose where they want their share of the plan invested.

Matching: LATG matches 100% up to 3% of the employee contribution plus 50% of your elective deferrals between 3% and 5% to the 401(k) Savings Plan to further supplement your retirement dollars.

Profit Sharing: LATG offers a discretionary profit sharing plan at the end of each calendar year.

Professional Development

Certifications: We pride ourselves on assisting our employees to gain continued knowledge and expertise in their career path. LATG pays for professional certification exams such as Oracle, Microsoft, SUN, Cisco, Abode, as well as other technical industry leader’s certification exams. In addition, LATG provides training and prep materials for the certification exams.

Additional Benefits

Employee Referral Program: LATG offers a bonus program to our employees who refer successful applicants for position openings.

Direct Deposit: Bi-weekly, the employee’s payroll is directly sent to his/her bank, credit union or most financial institution’s account electronically. The amount could be split among multiple accounts such as checking and saving per employee’s discretion.